Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Murky State of Education in north Kashmir School, 60 student shares one class room, one teacher

If a school looks like this the state of education could be well imagined. The state government may be making tall claims of streamlining the education system in Kashmir but the situation on ground is far from the worse. Lack of infrastructure, teaching staff, and other academic facilities at Government Middle school Verinar in Singpora Village of north Kashmir is severely affecting education of children. The building of the school is perished, in-fact sixty students studying in different standards have to share just one class room with one teacher. Ironically the building for the school is rented and the perished structure can risks the lives of students. The alleged deliberate negligence of concern authorities has put the career of students at risk and of course put a question mark on Govt claims.

Education contributes in nation building but it appears that the state government is yet to realize the immense importance of education. The alleged ignorance of authorities has badly affected the education of students at Government Middle school Verinar in Singpora village and put their career of students at stake. Besides lack of infrastructure and teaching staff there are other problems haunting the students. Especially in rainy seasons, the students opt to stay back at their homes as in such season; they are made to soak in rain water. The only teacher of the school himself seems helpless as despite his repeated covey to the concern official nothing has been done at the avail.

Despite repeated pleas to the educational officials the building for the school is yet pending. But the students least knew that the situation would go from bad to worse. Reason, the building which the students are studying in is perished ad can collapse anytime. The students continue to take classes in choked atmosphere due to the lack of space, a problem, which evens the only teacher of the institution, concedes, a local elderly person, Qadir Chacha alleged.

The school is just 15 kilometers away from the Baramulla town but seeing the situation of the school it appears that it is located in a remote town and is far from the eyes of authorities. Another local Ghulam Qadir alleged deliberated discrimination by the authorities. He said that the authorities never dare to consider the genuine plea of poor and their wards are facing the brunt of negligence.

The school authorities also concede that the lack of facilities at the school has affected the education of students while posing many problems for the staff and students. Interestingly the Zonal education officer, Kamrun Nisa when asked by Day and Night News about the lack of staff and long pending problem at the school, she hardly justifies by saying “ we will depute more staff there’. Ironically the very official despite already knowing all the issues seems not genuine enough to consider it now when a media team asked about the irony at their part.

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