Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bikers’ go Road Romeos Eve-teasing picks up in city, authorities’ unmoved

Irfan Quraishi

Srinagar, Nov 28: The menace of eve-teasing eating the very vitals of conservative Kashmir society is picking up in few areas of Srinagar city and especially the college and school going girls are falling prey to road romeos.

Ironically the law guarding agency police is feeling helpless to put a check on the menace. The women especially the school going girls are feeling largely insecure on Srinagar streets and roads to a group of bikers making mischievous acts.

It may be recalled here that Romana hit and run murder case was also result of eve-teasing act by three youth, who recklessly crushed the girl to death on Hyderpora road. The gruesome incident had evoked violent protests before police managed to nab the culprits.

A scene was created at Rajbagh today, when three youth riding on a bike at a lightning fast speed nudged a girl on busy Rajbagh-Jawahar Nagar road. The girl fell down on the road as bikers fled from the spot.

Shopkeepers and passer-byes’ helped the girl re-gain the consciousness. Incidentally this correspondent was also present on the spot. “The bikers often trio makes mischievous acts like this on school going girls. They ride on bikes at a lightning fast speed, blow horn repeatedly, nudge girls and flee from the scene. During past ten days, it is the third incident of its kind, when a girl has been pushed down on the ground,” said a shopkeeper.

The trio (riding on bike) after few minutes lost control on the bike and struck two girls near Rambagh bridge. When asked about the number plate on the bike, a teen aged boy riding the bike fled from the spot. His colleague heckled, “He provided me the lift at examination centre. I do not know whether he nudged any girl in Rajbagh area,” he said pleading that he was not involved in any mischievous act.

Locals and shopkeepers said that youth wait outside the schools in Rajbagh and Jawahar Nagar area and follow girls as soon as they leave schools. They pass indecent comments on girls and often nudge them while riding fast on the bikes.

Parents expressed serious concerns over the safety of their daughters. “This is very unfortunate that youngsters are increasingly becoming vulgar and do such misdeeds. Girls are finding it very difficult to commute freely. My daughter who attends college talks about the mischievous acts often. Authorities should take practical steps for the safety of girls”, said Mohammad Akbar Khan, adding that if authorities maintained criminal silence it would be difficult for women to move out of their homes for work and studies.

Reports said that a group of bikers were also doing mischievous acts in few other areas of the city. The eve-teasing acts have rendered immense insecurity to the girls. Ironically police is expressing its helplessness to deal with the menace stating that youth involved in the act often belong to high profile families

“Youth involved in such acts belong to high profile families. We do take action against the youth involved in the eve-teasing acts but they get bailed out due to political intervention,” said SHO Raj Bagh police station adding that it was the moral duty of the people to come forward and help police to deal with the menace.

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